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Our Services

If Your Looking To Clear Land

In The Most Efficient, Cost Effective & Eco Friendly Way

Then Bassett Tree Service Is Your Answer.


Reclaim Property & Land

Develop New Usable Land

Pastures, Farms, Orchards

Get rid of Invasive Brush & Trees

Restore Overgrown, Unmanaged Pastures

Pasture Expansion

Fenceline Clearing

New Roads & Trails

Vegetation Managment

Farms & Orchards

Right of Way, Utility Lines

Road Clearance

Mulching of Undergrowth promoting Healthier Larger Trees

Fresh Nutrient Rich Mulch

Improve your Topsoil

Give Back to the 'Aina 



At Bassett Tree Service we are trained tree care professionals who understand the technical aspects of tree removal. We have the tools, experience & skills to safely & efficiently remove trees. Removal is recommended when the tree is:

Dead or in decline

Considered hazardous

New construction & land clearing

Crowding or causing harm to other trees

Causing an obstruction

Causing damage to the surrounding landscape

Not a good tree for the location

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