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Our Services

If Your Looking To Clear Land In The Most Efficient, Cost Effective & Eco Friendly Way Then Bassett Tree Service Is Your Answer.


  • Reclaim your property & land from invasive species

  • Removal/ Mulching of invasive & unwanted trees & brush

  • Clearance of roads/ Right of Way/ Utility lines 

  • Restore overgrown, unmanaged pastures, fence lines

  • Pasture Expansion/ Pasture Mowing / Brush Hogging

  • Clear new fence lines/ Roads/ Trails

  • Manage vegetation growth throughout farms & orchards

  • Mulching of undergrowth promoting healthier trees

  • Develop new usable land, pastures, farms, roads, trails, etc

  • Save your native & prized trees. Free up surroundings

  • Improve your topsoil with a blanket of fresh nutrient rich mulch that with decompose over time

  • Prevent run off & erosion while giving back to your soil



At Bassett Tree Service we are trained tree care professionals who understand the technical aspects of tree removal. We have the tools, experience & skills to safely & efficiently remove trees. Removal is recommended when the tree is:

  • Dead or in decline

  • Considered hazardous

  • New construction & land clearing

  • Crowding or causing harm to other trees

  • Causing an obstruction

  • Causing damage to the surrounding landscape

  • Not a good tree for the location

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